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One more before I go...

Rafa beat Nole at the Monte Carlo Masters! 8th year in a row that Rafa has won it :))) And first time in 7 tries that he's beaten Nole since last year? The year before?

In any case, I'll take it. I still wish Rafa could've beaten Nole at the Australian Open this year, but the streak is finally broken! Unfortunately it came at the expense of a not-completely-there Nole (he lost his grandfather earlier this week). But a win is a win and hopefully this gives Rafa his confidence for the rest of the season.

Check this out! I'll be blogging about 100 Characters I (dis)like. So far, I'm focusing on the characters I least like, which brings the worst (or best) out of me :)

Join the meme at 100things_index today!

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping that 2011 brings more wonderful things for you! Happy happy New Year!

(Holy. It's the beginning of another decade in the 2000s already. How time does fly!)
Made of so much win. I *LOVED* it.

Matt Smith gives more reason for being my most favourite Doctor.

Michael Gambon was brilliant.

It was perfect. Best Christmas special since "The Christmas Invasion" for sure.

And now I am off to start my day and really do some writing! Happy Holidays all!

Books, books, with nowhere to go!

Because my brain needs a vacation and because I revel in decluttering, I undertook a mission to clean out my closet. I also decided to pull out my box full of TENNIS magazines from five years ago. I had saved them up to eventually cut out pictures of my favourite players. I did cut the pics out a couple years back but for some reason I held on to the magazines. Over the weekend I had an epiphany and realised that I honestly did not need to keep all those magazines because I am never going to actually read up on tennis techniques to use when I play. Besides, the magazines took up a lot of room in the closet.
If you want them, come and claim them!Collapse )



I'm so happy right now but even my face won't express it because I'm so mentally exhausted.

So Sherlock and John are my "happy" icon and they will smile for me.

I'm giving myself three days to recuperate before I retreat back to scholarly writing to edit and work on the final submission for the law review.

For serious, this has been the most difficult, time-consuming, mentally exhausting semester EVER. Should be a fun road ahead :)

It's that time of year again!

Sorry for the long, unintended lapse in posts. It's just been an incredibly busy time. Classes ended last week and I wish the semester would've ended then and there itself. BUT NO. Only after the treat of final exams can I find myself really, truly free of this past semester (let's not think about grades just yet).

So this is my official post announcing that I will be back on December 16th, fitter, breathing easier, and able to actually give people the time of day. Until then, I will be away, buried under a pile of books and notes, coming up only to take the occasional Fortysomething or The Thick of It break. Because goodness knows, I will not survive otherwise!

See you in a week and a half :)
You have no idea how happy I am.

OK, maybe you do. People said his chances were pretty good going into the final against Robin Soderling, but I wanted to see it to believe it. I figured Soderling was a bit tired from longer matches but DUDE. He is the only guy to have ever beaten Rafa at Roland Garros. SO. After the first set, I felt good about Rafa's chances. After the second set EVEN BETTER. Third set freaked me out a teensy bit but maaaan that last game. 40-0. It was BRUTAL and Soderling made really silly mistakes that cost him.

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And now I must away. Have a good day all and be happy that my Twitter account is where all the tennis crazy posts go now. :)
What happens when I wake up and log on to the Internet to catch some tennis?

Good lord. Tennis rambling ahead.Collapse )

OK. Rant over. Dinner time! Really sorry about the uber rant...I didn't mean it to get crazy.

As soon as Gasquet got the second set against Andy Murray, I had a feeling. Well, rather, I prayed that he would win the third easily and call it a day. I hoped that there would be no repeat of Wimbledon 2008.

Yeah. Shouldn't have thought about Wimbly '08 because that was exactly what happened. And a repeat of AO '09 (but that was a loss to Gonzalez). Richard, you are an EXPERT at breaking my heart - you're a second Marat, that's for sure.
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Till later!

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