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Back from self-disciplinary hiatus

Exams are done and first year of law school is officially over. It was weird waking up today and not have to think about ten gazillion things to do for school the coming week...because there is no school in the coming week. For three months.


Even winter break didn't feel like this. I don't know why. I think because I have no clue what I'll be doing for the next three months. I'm still waiting to hear back about some jobs I applied for and I keep applying for jobs. After two summers of not having a holiday (and desperately wanting a long summer break!), I have no idea what to do now that I actually have a proper holiday.

Oh life. You love irony, don't you?

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So, in honour of my three weeks of exams (technically two weeks but one is all for study), I've decided to cut down my online time by a LOT because I study on the computer, and when I do that, I automatically open my browser, head to e-mail, LJ, facebook, twitter, and all of that. Soooooo...I'm giving myself a hiatus so that I don't give myself a reason to come online and distract myself from studying.

Don't worry. I'll definitely be watching Doctor Who this weekend (hey, even the most studious students need breaks!), so I will put up my little "thoughts" post on that. LJ's not so bad...it's Twitter that I really have to watch out for. 

So anyway - I'll be back full-time on May 20th (with my little DW breaks in between). See you all then :)

OMG the things you never realise

Rory on Doctor Who is also Tip from Little Dorrit. How did I not see the resemblance???  I knew he looked sort of familiar, but Rory's so nervous and on edge the whole time and Tip was just a big jerk. Plus he was hidden under that top hat the entire time.

I tell you, the wonders of costume drama!

Apr. 30th, 2010

To celebrate my (almost) end of classes for my first year of law school, I  caught up on the third series of Foyle's War.


I love Christopher Foyle. And Paul Milner. And Sam Stewart. And Andrew Foyle. And every freaking character on that show. Good guys and bad guys. They're all so freaking brilliant.

Put series 4 on hold at the library. Hopefully it will come at the end of exams so that I can watch in peace :)
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Time to outline! Hope you're all having a good week.

Some thoughts on "Victory of the Daleks"

Watched it yesterday after putting it off thanks to Big Crazy Paper That Has Now Been Turned In.  I don't have class until 3:30 today and I should be working on con law reading, but instead I've been catching up on all the Doctor Who posts on LJ. It makes being a DW fan so much more fun :D

Anyway, so far I really like series 5. I think I'm falling in love with Matt Smith...slowly but surely...and I really like his personalization of the Doctor. Really, this series has been fun so far but after my ginormous love of "The Eleventh Hour," the second episode and then this one were good, but everything felt like it moved too quickly with too many plot holes.

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Super crazy weekend

That is, crazy in the most boring sense possible. For serious. Friday, I stuck myself in school all day to work on and finish my paper. I did work on my paper but I didn't finish it. I watched a couple eps of Spaced when I came home but then it was back to work. And I worked on the paper all day yesterday. I basically finished it and saved today for all the editing. At about 8:45 p.m. today, I went to Kinko's to print and bind my paper, all ready to hand in.

Big. Fat. PHEW.

The worst part is, even though this paper was hell beyond belief to get through, I have no problem at all writing this stuff all the time when I actually work as a lawyer. Go figure.

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The stuff nightmares are made of...

I was talking to roh_wyn  the other day about my trip to the local court to hear oral arguments. She asked which judges had presided over the arguments and I told her, No, Posner wasn't there. I have never seen Judge Posner but from what I have heard of him, he seems to be quite the interesting personality.

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I read all my assignments before I go to class but I'm definitely, definitely never giving myself the chance to go in unprepared. *shudder*
Seriously. I love Thursday nights and tonight was doubly better because I finally watched the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who. And OMG um. I loved it.

Just some notes because I seriously can't think enough to write full paragraphs, let alone sentences (Oh and yes, SPOILERS AHEAD):

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Sigh. I love Doctor Who. So happy it's back!
You probably already know I am so far loving the BBC radio adaptation of Clarissa (it's got Richard Armitage playing Robert Lovelace so of course I love it. And though I love the man, stop playing jerks! Please! Even though you are good at it, I would like you to play someone like Harry Kennedy again). I also am addicted to Foyle's War. Finished the second series yesterday and just put the third one on hold. I really hope I don't wait too long for it :) This is a very, VERY spoiler-y post if you haven't seen/listened to either, so...just stay away if you don't want to know what's going on...

Anyway. Just some thoughts on both shows that crossed my mind yesterday when listening/watching (SPOILERS ahead):

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So anyway. I need to go study now. But I thought I'd get those thoughts out before i forgot them. Happy Friday!
Considering how much I loathe Robert Pattinson (no offence to any of his fans out there...I just don't like him), I might have to watch Bel Ami when it comes out because it has Philip Glenister in it. Anything with Phil G (with the exception of "Demons," which I refuse to watch because a) I've heard it's terrible and b) he's got an American accent and that to me is unacceptable), I will watch. Pattinson is the male lead so I guess I'll just suck it up and endure it because it's got Philip Glenister.

Plus it doesn't seem like he's in much (Glenister, I mean) after "Ashes to Ashes," according to his IMDB filmography. speaking of, I do need to catch up on A2A eventually. I left off at the first episode of series 2. I've really got to catch up.

Oh and last night, my dad was watching PBS and they were showing "Life on Mars"!! The best part was that it was the second ep in series 2, exactly where my dad had left off a couple months back. So he wasn't watching anything old...he was right on track. Loved it.

OK, back to study now.

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