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As soon as Gasquet got the second set against Andy Murray, I had a feeling. Well, rather, I prayed that he would win the third easily and call it a day. I hoped that there would be no repeat of Wimbledon 2008.

Yeah. Shouldn't have thought about Wimbly '08 because that was exactly what happened. And a repeat of AO '09 (but that was a loss to Gonzalez). Richard, you are an EXPERT at breaking my heart - you're a second Marat, that's for sure.

I've sat here for four hours watching Gasquet play brilliant tennis for two sets, Murray get his knickers in a twist and bitch and moan about god knows what, and then helplessly saw the inevitable occur: Murray take the next three sets, wham bam bang, while Richard just stared at the balls whizzing past him, wondering where the hell he went wrong.

Thanks so much Richard for giving me hope. After all the crap that happened last year, and then the wins you've had the last couple of weeks, I thought you yourself wanted to start Roland Garros with a bang. It sucked mightily that he got Murray in the first round but DUDE. Those first two sets? That brilliance? WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO IN THE NEXT THREE?

The worst was seeing him not make an effort. He was hurt, he had had the trainer out, yes, yes I know, but OMG the one thing I wish Richard had more of was a bit of a fighting spirit. It just went away.

Murray of course played great tennis to take the last three sets, but at the same time, they were handed to him by Gasquet's shoddy, lackluster play. I want to write something about how much I dislike Murray but I don't even have the energy or desire to do that. It's all clouded by the fact that Gasquet effing lost.


OK...I'm going to get going before I get anymore whiny and annoying. In other (good) news, Tsonga and Nole won, and so did Gael, and a bunch of other players that I like. So that kind of sort of makes up for Gasquet's STUPID LOSS. 

Till later!


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May. 24th, 2010 07:02 pm (UTC)
you're a second Marat, that's for sure.

Except for Marat being 100x more talented, and being able to, you know, actually win majors. ;)

May. 25th, 2010 05:18 pm (UTC)
Well yeah, except for that. But the headcase attributes are the same.
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