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You have no idea how happy I am.

OK, maybe you do. People said his chances were pretty good going into the final against Robin Soderling, but I wanted to see it to believe it. I figured Soderling was a bit tired from longer matches but DUDE. He is the only guy to have ever beaten Rafa at Roland Garros. SO. After the first set, I felt good about Rafa's chances. After the second set EVEN BETTER. Third set freaked me out a teensy bit but maaaan that last game. 40-0. It was BRUTAL and Soderling made really silly mistakes that cost him.

But seeing Rafa fall to the ground, overcome with emotion was just so sweet. And when he started crying into his towel -- gosh I didn't expect that. But after all the sucky bits of last season, and then his amazing clay season run this year leading up to this - just precious and awesome. To see him cry was this tiny insight into how emotional and sensitive he is despite appearances.

I've always loved Rafa. He's just this sweet, adorable boy-next-door who, apart from a couple of skids here and there, is friendly and gracious and nice to everyone. Though his public image has made him seem more "grown up" ever since he became no. 1 in August 2008, I think his emotional response to his win yesterday showed that he is still a little kid. And the speaking in French (for the first time since he's played at RG!) during the trophy ceremony - priceless. And super adorable. AHHH I could go on about how much Rafa just makes me smile :D

As for Robin Soderling, I like him. He's a good player, he seems like a nice guy, and I hope third time's a charm for him next year at RG. Seriously. If he had lifted the trophy yesterday instead of Rafa, I wouldn't have been upset. From the beginning of the tournament, I was OK with a new champion (that's not Rafa or Fed, I mean). Unfortunately it wasn't Robin's day and he lost. Don't worry Robin, you can come back next year and reign supreme. :)

SO! Happiness this year at RG! Last year sucked MAJORLY (both women's and men's) but this year, both made me happy. Francesca Schiavone - not whom I think anyone suspected to win the title - kicked Sam Stosur's butt in the final (sorry Sam) and is the first Italian person to win a Slam (I believe. I could be wrong). So good for Franny - I know a lot of people are supremely happy to see their favourite win her first Slam title. Hey, I enjoyed this final WAY more than seeing Dinara lose last year in a hideous match to Kuznetsova. Stosur could have taken it to a third but Franny was just too good.

Also, the Italian national anthem is probably the funnest national anthem I have ever had the good fortune to listen to. 

And now I must away. Have a good day all and be happy that my Twitter account is where all the tennis crazy posts go now. :)